Friday, October 1, 2010

sacred moments (poem)

Sacred Moments
by Tim Kavi

in the secret
breathing moments
that live
between loves

I heard your
heart beating
while napping

I felt your kisses
on my neck

sacred moments
are made of these

when I think of
I always
longed for misses
but in the hour
of your love

I beheld

the revealed
standing there
and in those
sacred moments

there is always
a love
that returns again
and again

until I know
you are my sacred

and in the
that are passed
those that build
cannot match
the sacred
moments of your
seeking love that lasts!

but there is always
the famished
heart that searches
and seeks
longs for
and even cries out
in the night

the man
who loves you so.

and when
the morning
he arises
to your unveiled
sweet surprises

there is only
the memory
of sacred
forever gifted
in the fresh
of your passing.

in sacred moments
I seek you
I need you
I call your name

for your love

has changed
the universe
and all that is

forever and forever
one moment
leads to another.

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