Monday, January 16, 2012

Growing Gardens (New Poem)

Growing Gardens
by Tim Kavi

In the growing
gardens of your love
I do grow

only to emerge
from the Earth
to fly back to you
in a song singing

where in the dancing morning
upon melodies and notes
risen on the gentle wings
of a soft breeze
is a song of adoration

is a certain love that moves

that moves the branches
and leaves
of flowers and fruits
and sustenance

of your love

in your garden are only
sweet things
smiling up at you

ascending goddess
emerging and revealed
your many arms of compassion
are never unreaching

to the hearts of those
that need you
I like they, are found
among the pilgrims

climbing paths
up your vines
again and again.

Poet's afterword:  This is the opening poem in my second collection, Ascending Goddess, which shall be published soon by TiLu Press.--TK


  1. Hi Tim. You are a very nice poetic voice, with a great style. Well done! Kind regards, Dean Lappi

  2. Thanks,Dean! In your writing you too have a unique voice and style. Thanks for the comment. Kind regards as well, Tim Kavi