Saturday, August 16, 2008

Looking at the Clouds (New Poem) (Written in the Grass)

this poem is for mature audiences, if you're immature don't look at it. ;-)
Seriously if erotic descriptions about nudity bother you, pass it up. My goal is to make you laugh!--T.K.

Looking at the Clouds
by Tim Kavi

kiss you

hug you

hold you

lay your head opon my chest

and laugh with joy

we stare at the clouds in the sky

we laugh at the characters there

look! there's a funny guy

a maiden fair

a castle of gold

a Buddha old

but none are as beautiful

as my love

lying there

in Nature

naked in the grass

chisled beauty

sculptured lass

goddess nary covered

look! that cloud's


shaped like

your lovely ass!

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