Thursday, August 20, 2009

Love Among the Ruins (New Poem)

Love Among the Ruins
by Tim Kavi

Oh Goddess

your ancient
lie among the ruins
many miles
from here

Hai goddess

some thought you were

your lingering
your conspicuous
absence increased
by the eternal

Hai goddess

others thought in love
you were tattered

your resonant songs
were still sung
in children's rhymes
and beautiful
that their mothers hung

Hai goddess

they and I sought you
like You mattered

one breathes
and it is
already a decade
or two
amongst memory
who cares how many years

For You live
and live
and live

and will never die

still there
in the ruins
clothed priests
of the newer traditions

thought there
is only gatherings
between your wooings

Hai goddess

soon you sleep no more
arise from
the ashes of slumber
I rebuild your statues

but they look
like a real woman

in the moonlight

as we love
among the ruins.

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