Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ride Her White Horse (Poem)

"Ride Her White Horse"
by Tim Kavi

there is only
the bending of time
across the wintered landcape
as your thighs
rode the white horse

the melting of clocks
in the radiation
of a post atomic
showed that time
had stopped
in the face of death

I breathed
your goddess breath

My life rode
to the village
to consult
with the wise woman
in the hut
in the dance
by the fire
she laughed
at my wisdom
told a joke

masculine man
no welcome here
go back to your
war chest
from your wounds

come back
in the riding
to the Diva
who guides
your celestial ride

no hope
except in the turning
from warlike cries
in the shadows
of burning desire

you think
that is all there is?

there is more
in that rider's kiss
than this

eternal friendship
powerful mother
consoling sister
best friend
wise woman
siren to a calling
of new births!

all of this
is in that nightly
the dark places
where you hide
by She

who in her ride
you to your
destined pride

there is otherwise
no hope

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