Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Swim With You (poem)

"To Swim with You"
by Tim Kavi

the place
where aching
humanity rested
and longed for
from their warlike ways

thirsting for
a spiritual peace

is a palace
of your greatness

is a sea of peace
and warm acceptance

I return to your ocean
over and over

like a tide
in your love
I feel your comings and goings
like the waves

I sense your
and yet gentle

I hold you
and see the
Goddess face

riding the arms
of galaxies
lit at the center
by your grace

lovely One
eternal kisses
do no
to love you

in the place
where your love
is born,

where your glory
is shown

there is only
the veiled
Holy of Holies

revealed in
the temple of your love

I bravely go there
to meet you

that I can
be made whole

in your warm love

and swim
in your ocean with you.

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