Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Knew Destiny (poem)

We Knew Destiny
by Tim Kavi

from the first moment
we knew destiny
like the rider knows
their favorite horse

you are
the most wonderful
woman I ever met

our music
the Universe
reminds me

I am the reed
in your marshes
where you
refresh me
like the wind

in your need
I am your greatest love

finding me yet
across the ocean
a bridge spans

waves crashing
at the landing
shore of our love

joining as one
our passion
is thrashing
in the bed
of our love

I see the goddess
reflected in your
lovely face
captured in
candle light

your sighs
call me
to come to you

I answer
with haste
to the love
of my life

meet me
in your arms
your heart

your very breath.

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