Monday, August 8, 2011

butterfly goddess (new poem)

butterfly goddess
by Tim Kavi

butterfly goddess
your smiling nature
is singing songs

a yearned
and freed
flight is how you
will be

once hidden in the shadows
you imagined
what life would bring

now your spread
take you to taste
heavenly things

up here
where your soul

a yearned
and freed
flight is how you
will see

that your
smile need never fade
and your laughter
makes the trees clap

at the happy life
you have made

for butterfly goddess
you have emerged
from the cocoon

where mortal
chrysalis did
make plans
in the quiet noon

only to be overshadowed
by your lovely

in the crescent moon

I see your dancing
in a windy dance
your sight
brings a message
of hope

for all who long
to be free
from nature's binds

and wherever chains
hold the thinking

butterfly goddess
your smile brings
to the free

follow me
follow me!

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