Friday, November 4, 2011

Wrinkled Space Time (New Poem)

Wrinkled Space Time
by Tim Kavi

when I looked
I saw a Goddess there
behind the veil

Her eyes
shone in the night
Ma Durga Eyes
and when I kissed her
we walked a mountainous

but when I held her
her heart beat with mine

and her wings
carried us safely in flight

to each other

two beating hearts
became one
in love
and forever

the Universe filled
with love's light

to gently kiss
hold each other

there is never
a missing moment
every second is complete
and full

we welcome

because it brings
love more love

pure essence
wrinkling in space time

until all was quiet
and we slept
through the night

into Dawn's creation
of love

dripping like paint
on the canvas
of life.

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