Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Friends and I (A New Poem Dedicated to Friends)

brief poet's comment: There is an intentional shift in the focus and style of this poem, from plural to singular form. It moves from a discussion of friends in general, to a specific discussion of the specific friend to whom it is addressed. Also the notion of distance, does not just refer to friends across cyberspace or from other cultures, but the existential distance than can exist between two unique individuals even when they first encounter one another in perceived otherness.-- T.K.

My Friends and I (A Poem Dedicated to Friends)
by Tim Kavi

We finally reached across the miles
My friends and I
Forever touching in blissful smiles,

The gap and wall between us was imaginary
and is history
for in the feelings that seem contrary,
we defined them in new ways.

Never underestimate the power of a friend
to find a new way of love
and onward to the uttermost end
of our lives we find solace,

in each other's heart.
we are never apart,
this is the love of a good friend.

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