Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love in the Wind (New Poem) with Poet comments

"Love in the Wind"

by Tim Kavi

in the haunting refrain
there was no memory
of the pain
that flowed across
written notes

they hung there
like tangible
leaves suspended
in the wind

never moving
of a love
that wasn't

only in his mind
of the childhood
left behind

the wind caught him
and carried him
bravely to
the next place
where he beheld

her moving

of a new love
would he dare
to kiss her again?

he thought not
but then he
thought again
and when he did

she came right
up to him and kissed

and all the leaves
moved away
in the wind again.

Poet's Comments: This poem captures again the mighty force of love to even stop Nature with its power. It can control the swirling winds and stop something thought of as powerful. Love therefore overcomes allthings and difficulties. Thus, love itself can become supernatural, then once it finds its right expression, Love allows Nature to continue its course as thepoem shows atthe end. Underneath this notion is the idea that time is also frozen when oine falls in love--so that time and nature both are reverent to love.

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