Saturday, June 20, 2009

Letter from a Fan and Friend: 6/17/2009

Dear readers:

Occasionally I'll repost fan comments here, and I've reprinted the poem (drafted for the lovely couple) after their letter. I salute them on their First Anniversary and wonder where this Year went to !!

Hi Tim :O)
Today Is Our First Anniversary,
And As We Celebrate It In the Distance
We Read Once More The Poem You Write For Us
And We Want To Say Thank You Again
For "At The Moroccan Wedding",
For Sharing so many beautiful love poems,
And most of all for your Friendship.
Much Love & Blessings,
Judy & Abderrahim

At a Moroccan Wedding
by Tim Kavi

happy couples
inspire us all
to seize love
face love
in it be tall
and when moments
like this
reward that search
we know
we have loved
and made history

so made brave
by our love
we confidently
face life

together as
husband and wife !


  1. Thank You Tim :O)
    A poem of you was/is a great gift that we will treasure always and a lovely reminder of the responsibility we have to cherish & care for the love that God put in our hearts,and for each other's heart.
    Is an honor & a blessing to have you as a friend!
    Much love & blessings,
    Your Friends & Fans
    Judith & Abderrahim

  2. It is I who should thank you--Judith and Abderrahim--because of your shining example of love, your friendship, and your constant appreciation of all my work.--Tim Kavi All metta to you, my friends!