Thursday, May 13, 2010

Many Homes of Love (poem)

Many Homes of Love
by Tim Kavi

although some have said
it is hard to contain it
know it or show it
the human heart
beats and lives
in the light of love
it gives

into our joint heart
are the many
homes of love
many loves
live there
breathe there
every day
a new one

For this
my love
I say
a kiss

thank you
I love you

For you know
we have built
it so carefully

laid a strong
brave and sure
standing high
in our love
so pure

built the path
to the door
of each room
I find you
as a candle
with sweet perfume

from outside
each window
lit by a love
deep within

let us gather
in the living room
where our love
does begin

let us retire
to the bedroom
where in it
we rest and love

hand in hand
we walk through
all the happy

each day
in the many homes
of love.

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