Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Night Bids the Next Day of Our Love (Poem)

"Good Night Bids the Next Day of Our Love"

by Tim Kavi

good night dear
and your love
as you fade to sleep
shuts her eyes

like many days
meet the nights
sweetly rests
in contented dreams

riding our love's

until sweet kisses
arrive each breath

until no more
dreams are left

only the reality
of two hearts
lying next to each one

two smiles
flying to the other one

two songs
singing in heaven

two birds fly
up that high

when next to my love
I did lie

good night
my true love
good night

all these
are all around us
while we sweetly

until the joys
of birthing
a sun
outside our window
did peep

brings us another love
in that day

until it is done
and night has
once again come.

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