Friday, July 16, 2010

There is Mom (poem)

There is Mom
by Tim Kavi

so what is this?
across the translucent orb
endless universe so vast
that God in his designs
would seek to make perfect
for sure to last?

but the need for what He created
man or woman
to never be alone?

but the sacredness
of family
of love
and of home?

and in that home
stands a sacred one
sure and true

the fortress of Mom

which every kid
growing up, knew
is true blue
in all she said
and did

until around
every troubled bend
twisted by life's
and uncertain wind?

there is the love
of God
and the love of Mom

gently guiding
assisting in fate
but always loving

there is Mom
there is Mom.

This poem will be read by me later today, at my mom's funeral. My mom was a wonderful person and parent, as well as a poet. I cannot ever surmise how important she was and is, to me and my work. In some small way, I hope this helps others to understand the importance of Moms. There are many mothering influences in the Universe. I love you, mom ! --T.K.

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  1. very well said, mr. kavi! that is a very emotional poem and i agree with you about the importance of a loving mother who nurtured her children to become what we are now. blessed are the ones whose mothers sacrificed their lives because they treasure their children knowing they are God's gifts to them.