Monday, September 19, 2011

How Creative those Dreaded Pirates Are!

How Creative those Dreaded Pirates Are!

well it appears someone has hacked my MyLibrary Feed on the right of this page....
it has now preceded all references to authors as dreaded pirates! hmmmmm

what whimsical mayhem. Still if I were one o f those authors, and yes some of my books are in the feed...being referred to as a pirate isnt so good.

I shall fix that feed shortly....even though I am too busy being a dreaded pirate to mess with the work of dumb f***s like this!

Oh, and while I am speaking of such things. Someone also hacked some of my original articles that I had published on EZine Articles...and reposted them on their own web sites without permission and so as to draw traffic to their websites. That was easily remedied because they were on blogs that were on Google servers. Google happily warned them of their copyright violations and removed the content. YAY ! The dreaded pirate won that round! To all aspiring article writers, write your own stuff!


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