Monday, June 4, 2012

The Burning Word (New Poem)

The Burning Word
by Tim Kavi

when in my innocence
I lingered at your feet
sought your face
that was covered still
at the shame you saw in the world

Oh, crying Mother
you weep for your children
I saw your tears drop to the Earth
it waters the dry lands of many
men's hearts

while their weapons of war
they make
they know not you wait
for their turning to a better way
but will it come in time?

Your tears fall
and I know you long to gather them
but they will not

Crying in the wilderness
my tears run after yours
I am but a man who needs
your love's redemption
to tell his true story
is to utter the burning word

I want to lift my voice
and yell
at the outrage of your tears
I want to say O Mother
fill my mouth
with your words
may they cut down this hell

I want to stay here
and just be held from you
but you are telling me
no, calling me
gently prodding me
to tell all that live
in this special place

to turn to the Other
the transcendent
the Divine You
and to know the ways

the ways of love
the paths of certain forgiveness
and the joys of communion

and I must go back
from the mountain of meeting
with you

and learn
for You are written
on every compassionate woman's face
who walks in grace
who is also redeemed by your
very Nature

in all the villages
and hamlets
in all the slums
in all the towns
and the urban pathos
of sought for meaning
in the stinking greed
and corruption
that takes from the poor
their sustainance

your waiting Arms reach for!

may we listen to you
walk with each other
and love and be loved
before it is too late.


  1. I do enjoy that dialogue about war and how when we see the war within, only then shall we heal this world. Looking inward is the only way!! Your words speak of honesty and vulnerability. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Suzanne: Thanks for stopping by and reading some of my work. I appreciate your comment too. From what I've seen and read about your work, I want to say 'thanks' also. ~~TK