Friday, August 2, 2013

angel seraph (new poem)

angel seraph
by Tim Kavi

angel seraph
your wings
carried me 
to your heart
your love
and celestial view

when on heavenly
wings, above troubles
the humanity of you
your love soared
by your angelic goodness

love adored

angel seraph
your beauty is crystal winged
white, and plumage
so pretty, all winged
creatures fly by
just to see you

when in the songs
praised to your ears
by the birdsong
and human affection
objects of love
celestial flights

no better perfection

angel seraph
none have been observed
by mortal or immortal
more sacred
than any in flight
than the knowing bird 

when going
to the nest of love
and the comforts
of home in might
your goddess shoulders 

protect in darkest night

where gathering
all the young
clothed by nature's care
there is still
a mothering angel
seraph there

when going 
to the mountains
of your love's abode
there is only a calling
to sit on your wings

where I'm never falling

soaring with You
Angel Seraph
over all creation
tended by your love.

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