Saturday, November 1, 2014

We Are the Code That Interacts (new poem)

We Are the Code That Interacts
by Tim Kavi

sweeping and cleaning
lines edited
in Nature's dark surprise

destiny is made
along twisted roads
that go nowhere
where the apparent
is only freshly revealed

as we travel them

or by a singing note
of existence
or by a rampant ascension
or early demise

there is a place for humanity

for endings reveal themselves
as beginnings
selected, punctuated
in the balancing act
of synthesis

only to emerge
like waves
photons twisting in morphing
place, running a race
where light dances
on the walls of caves

again and again
sweet refrains

of who we are
what was imagined
in the lines of code

written at will
in the shadows
of song

we stand; 
lines in the code
emergent and conscious
naked and born
into the scripted world.


  1. Wishing you a very happy & Prosperous New Year ..Thanks for all the support! Keep writing! Keep lighting!…BEST PRAYERS FOR FUTURE!!

    1. Adhi! Great to hear from you! Wishing you the best also! Just the encouragement needed! :-)