Saturday, November 29, 2008

2 New Poems in a Searching Style

Two New Poems in a New Searching Style

by Tim Kavi

"Bring Again Forgotten Words
to our Passion's Bed"

by Tim Kavi

gentle breezes
swirling winds
when man
and woman
have speeches

peaceful passion

soft pillows
tossed sheets
bending beds

until the
river's valley
cuts a new course

in the tents of

it is no more
he said
she said
for both
say in

I forgot
all the troubles
as love
reared again
the strong
of your redemption

in just a word
of restoration
and forgiveness

until the next
day's love was said
to visit
again and again

for all loves
have the promise
of future

if they just
renew the
loving kindness
of a regard

that forgets
the stones
of harsh words
in the wrinkles
of passion's

to ride
the glorious
overcoming sea.

"Grand Junction in the Eternal City"

by Tim Kavi

when in the sounds
of the departing trains
clicked down the tracks
leaving the towns

He headed to a new place
the train moved faster now
soon nebulas
stars and galaxies
streamed past

there was a list
of former selves
left behind

they all had a thread
of identity
tied at whistle stops
along the tracks

they loved hard
and died fast
in the music
the art
and the suffering
of war
that bled
along the tracks

there were only
brief seconds
of departing
sad tears
for as soon
as one blur
moved past

he met himself
coming round
the bend
in a mobius

until the train
stopped in the
dying of
the light

it chugged
and steamed
and gleamed
in the promise
of its next

all the stops
he had already begun
so, he laughed:
"I get to ride again!"

poet's note: there is progressive linear movement in these poems that bends again across time, stopping points, between the words and disagreements of a man and woman, time stops moving only in the face of non existence to be swallowed up by a coming back again in a wheel of eternal recurrence that bends and meets itself again like some topological Mobius strip. The poem about trains is an indirect homage to Einstein who had a lot to say about trains in his discussion of relativity.--TK

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