Friday, November 14, 2008

"Love and History (After the Revolution)" (New Poem with Brief Poet's comment)

"Love and History(After the Revolution)"

by Tim Kavi

when across
the fragrance
of time

our forefathers
there was the great
of greatness

creating history
never looked
so easy

the morning after
the blood in the
streets was washed

in a back alley
in a small bed
a man lies

to a desperate hope
that life might
get better

he is history

next to him a woman
lies sleeping
they are so far apart
she longs to show him
her loving heart

she is love

he recalls
plainly the blessed
rains pouring
when the drops
were wetter

cleansing his
very soul
in a land
once so free

but now
there is no curing
even the caged
sing the same
just to be

the man
dreams he is in
a cool dark
really it is
a prison
in fetter

but there
is no way out
until the next
dialectical dance

it burns at his heart
for he truly
sings to be free
as it was in love

when he first met her.

brief poet's comment: in this I see the wheel of dialectics, inescapable, yet history progresses, or is progress regress? I also see the collapse of history, without the rising of love. I see the revolutions and dialectics of masculine warlike desires in the lust for power (by any who embrace it), becoming one sided and corrupt. Such are ultimately and hopefully swallowed up by the truer power of the feminine--that is always only nearby if only a man (or such) would open themselves up to the power of eternal woman !

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