Monday, January 5, 2009

Hope Found There (New Poem)

Hope Found There
by Tim Kavi

corporate leaders

let me know
when they start crying
for they are too
busy spying

their next paychecks
to give a damn

oh the workers
are sighing
can you hear
the collapse of
and their houses

they are dying

the waters
are flowing
picking off the fat
no one knows
where they are going

the previously blessed
who once secure
are now
totally undressed

to the entire world?

rocking the foundations
of all that we
once held dear
there remains
the still calm voice
beyond the fear

the hope
born of realization
that what has
was built on lies

that by misusing others
the lenders
reaped their deeds
and met their
dark surprise

it is sad
that their victims
have cried
with no homes
left supplied?

until one
builds again

until one
turns again

to the basics
of love
of freedom
and care
for each other

then, and only then
is hope
found completely
there !

Poet's Afterword: Another Kavi poem about social unjustice!

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