Friday, December 19, 2008

Fading of the Night (New Poem) With Poet's Afterword

"Fading of the Night"
by Tim Kavi

dancing in the firelight
flaming embers
fled in the night
chased our passions
to the grove

under the smell of
and salt air
waves crashing
at the beach

I kissed you

you kissed back
and night's black
into thin air

your love
brings the precious
where night had
always been
where I hid
of all
the things I did

yet you loved
though I am
you loved
broken in pieces

your love
brought me
from the brink

yet you did not
want to always be
the only one that saved us

so in our next kiss
it was our love
that brought us both
back from the abyss.

poet's brief afterword: a poem about the redemptive qualities of love. The word 'abyss' at the end of the poem is used in a Buberian sense. If Buber's German word was used instead, it would be his word for mismeeting: vergegnung. Consequently, it is the power of their love for each other that has brought the lovers back from a significant misunderstanding, disagreement, or falling out. Also the abyss used in an existential sense often means a significant gap between two persons, realities, or cultures, or a psychological sense of deep seprateness or separation--so that a (temporary) sense of despair might follow.--T.K.

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