Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goddess at the Park (New Poem)

"Goddess at the Park"
by Tim Kavi

kind and gentle
it adorns her
posseses her
with every ounce
of her being

she is
the kind of woman
that is so kind
she doesn't want
to hurt anyone

it is her
the world is seeing

everytime she moves
with her young
they are happy
at the love
she has brung

I watch her
moving there
at the park
and everywhere

she doesn't
know it
but I love her so

how I wish
to return her
with a love
that never ends

and to hold
her heart
beginning as the
nicest friends

that is already
our journey
to each other

I hope she sees
that I love her.

poet's afterthought: This is either a very sad poem of intense longing, or the poem of a man admiring his love from afar. Actually this poem was written after a man looked at a photograph of his love playing in the park with children. He actually saw the photo twice: once before he knew her (the perspective the poem is written from) and now reflecting back on that time, after he knows her love.--T.K.

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