Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blog Special: "Children of the Social Darwinists" (New Poem with Brief Comment)

"Children of the Social Darwinists"
by Tim Kavi

when in the summer's solace
there was little respite
from the heat
children still played
in the street

sounds of music
filled the air
as children bought
their ice creams there

jumping ropes
sliding in the pool
who will come to what?

what will they do?

some sought
their fortunes

later some will say:
what luck is this?
if it weren't
such a strange fate

I would storm
heaven's gate!

why will some
why will some
die early?
struck down
in their burley

some die in need
some are
consumed with
of their seed

some will live
even longer
because of their
and businesses
to the adroit

to exploit
the weaker

no one knows
or cared to see

are perceived weaker
on the cutting chafe
ride their rages
in obscurities

not part of the elite

although some
think they do
as long as
as their genetic
can be read

but the bonds
have been bowed
there is no

with any certainty

we all unfold
in terms of other
seeds of destiny.

Poet's Brief Comment: This poem previously unpublished, will be included in my collection City of Night (a collection of darker poems) that will be published in November of 2009. It is certainly one of my most obscure poems and hard to understand. It is a critique of genetic determinism, and states that things play out in ways that cannot be predicted based on genes alone. The 'bonds have bowed'--points to the failure of DNA to really predict anything.

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