Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Chinese Publisher...

My Chinese publisher asked me to make the following corrections. I didn't know that they were even reading this blog (where I made an earlier posting), and this also proves to me that Editors are like omnipresent ghosts--just when you think they are on the horizon you realize they are back with a haunting presence...heheheheh. Also, they reminded me that the book may be available in the US in the future.

Tim Kavi announces his latest publication, the Introduction included in the following book: 英汉语言文化对比[阅读教程] Jilin University Press (2008)(吉林大学出版社) 主编:刘桂兰 978-7-5601-3733-9 (ISBN) The book, 英汉语言文化对比—Comparative Readings of English and Chinese (roughly translated as "Comparison and Contrast between English and Chinese Language and Culture") has been published in China as a University textbook.。。。。。。


  1. Congrad on your new book. This book is needed in good luck in the future. Dare to make your life outstanding..

    John Oda
    author, speaker, peak performance ooach.

  2. Thanks John Oda ! It is a delight to hear from you. I can still hear your booming inspirational voice, see your huge smile, and your wonderful way of making things happen for people. Success to you!