Friday, April 17, 2009

Near the Rhododendron (Poem with Poet's Comments)

Near the Rhododendron
by Tim Kavi

when in
the silent branches
of beautiful
the sun rose

morning dew
clung to
your branches

was at
your morning

Yet the branches
the beautiful

Nature had
for a wonder
of unveiling

planted firmly
in the soul
your roots
dug deep

and breathing
and revealing

You were
as pretty
as She

lying there
on the blanket
in the Golden

Nature clung  
to You, Goddess
the best

ever seen.

Poet's comments:
This is another devotional poem on my recurrent theme of the Goddess (woman, femininity) in Nature. Here, we are once again reminded that as much as Nature takes care of a beautiful flowering plant, supports it, and it thrives in great beauty, so it is with eternal woman. In the end She is the best planting, more beautiful, and embraced by and clung to by Nature itself. I often use definitive terms in my poetry through the use of capitalization, for example whenever I capitalize 'You' I am referring to an encounter with an otherness, that is so special, so unique, it is an address and response to a particular person, wherever that Goddess nature is so revealed. It is the You of You and Me or I and Thou once again. It is the You encountered in dialogue and full revealing at the moment of encounter. This is the moment of revelation, a perception of the dawning of the day, a day where the sun shines and lights up the beautiful rhododendron, but as powerfully, a day of a woman's revealing.--T.K.

Addendum:  This poem, which is one of my most popular poems by blog visits, has been included in my collection, Ascending Goddess which means you can own it for your very own Kindle edition by clicking here ! (Reprinted on this blog by permission of my publisher TiLu Press, LLC) Thanks ~~TK


  1. Great poem you have restored my hope in the american race thank you so much --Christopher from Ireland

  2. Christopher: As I wrote you elsewhere more privately (and now thought I should publicly as well)-- thank you so much for your comment and appreciation of my work. Your own poetic sense is certainly as delightful to me. Thanks for commenting upon this poem. I am glad to be of service to you ! ~~TK