Monday, August 31, 2009

To a sleeping goddess (New Poem)

"To a sleeping goddess"
by Tim Kavi

sweet whispers
of lullaby
from the sea

always bring rest
in the angel's sigh
when I look
I see you sleeping!

your wings
rest by your side
and your smile
shows me
that even in dreams
you dwell
in heavenly places

when awake
your words
are always kind
and even
in your sleeping
you show
compassionate mind

you are the beautiful
though your culture
teaches you to deny
still there
is a devotional cry

uttered from my lips
felt from my heart
a song
a song that will not die

so sweet
in the night
the kindness adorns you
like the sheets
around you
that births you
and keeps you
warm tonight

for in the warmth
then of each other
two souls
it is no wonder

that your smile
is brighter
than the starry night.

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