Tuesday, October 30, 2012

three steps (new poem)

three steps
by Tim Kavi

steps seem small
to the established ones
but to a baby
this is a large undertaking

first steps
are perhaps the bravest

for all of us
at anytime

you are stepping out
to confront the unknown
yet clinging to hope
to embrace a new idea
or a thought

who knows?
your steps could take you
to a solution
or something the whole world needs

or they might just
give you the confidence you need

any way
any how

once you take
the steps
your life is forever

now you are really going places!


  1. Wonderfully written and so true. Those small steps allow us to change each and every day. I also enjoyed the photo!!!

    1. Hello Suzanne: Thanks for the visit and your comment. Breaking things down into smaller steps always helps us for sure. And taking those first steps--we need the help of friends and others who care for us more than anytime else!~~TK