Friday, October 19, 2012

All Goddess! I am in Ruins (New Poem)

All Goddess! I am in Ruins
by Tim Kavi

OH goddess
how long have I languished
in this mortal body
my soul longs to know
and remember all it has been taught
as Socrates told Meno long ago

I visited your temple's ruins
some say Athens
has buildings that got tossed
by history,
to me You are my history

ever seeking
gently calling me to your shore
it is no wonder I came here
although you are sweetly present
as ever before

Athena, I know you led
many heroes back home again
and when I leave your ruins
I will take more of you home again

in goddess gown
my love's dress is rippling in the wind
the sea breath whispers her name
she is calling me
to a fragrant and fruitful love
to a certain future
full of life and love

she is with me
and I see Her walking
in each and every step

as we board the bus
tourists smile
and banter
I smile looking at the ruins
and seeing a goddess walk
beside me;

She breathes
and is a living You
yet she is uniquely her
she is quite simply
ALL Goddess,

and history
undeniable and relentless;
history, marches on.

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