Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tree Paper Machine (New Poem)

Tree Paper Machine
by Tim Kavi

interconnected communicating
green limbs filled with life
bearing fruit
balancing energy in the shadowed forests
of Nature

becoming paper
dying leaves decay into the earth
seasons come and go
ideas transmitted
across the papers of existence

the ideas become machines
in the minds of those that seek to live
making tools that enslave
or make free
time and time again seasons

across the papers of history
annals of human created misery
transcending into beauty
that ascends rising
from the ashes

misbegotten machines
forgetting not our existence
the machines
have become our fascination
until what we say

is only through the interfacing
limbs of synthetic webs
devised by a network
tended to by machines

dependent upon machines
the gardens have forgotten
human attentions
and turn to seek one another
crying out in the night

of tree paper machine

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