Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Love's Ashes (new poem)

My Love's Ashes
by Tim Kavi

when in the signs of Winter's thaw
I journeyed with the monks then
the snow is melting
empties into the river
flows into the sea.

life is neverending,
it flows and flows
changing forms
constantly reborn.

a butterfly
a new sun in the cosmic dust
a flower peeks through
the dirt, in the sun's loving touch.

I carry your ashes my dear
the crying nearly stops
in fact, the monks look like jumping
gazelles dancing on the mountain path
ducking between lillies and rocks
on the winding road.

where is that silly Sun
Wukong? Stealing peaches again
or laughing
until slapped by Kwan Yin?

The wind is picking up
my ears hear the calling sounds
memories of your sweet voice
I love you, my love
always singing my eternal choice.

the valley of Dunhuang
tombs cannot hold you there
for we shall paint you
on the wall, previously bare.

my tears fall
like your ashes into the paint
the monks are master mixers
in the puzzles that life brings.

on the wall they paint
Shadows and Dreams of you
in the cave of Mogao
burning incense songs to you.

I am silent now
praising you, the Goddess
revealed in the fresh
I seek you again
there is no more flesh
I am seeing that remembered
smiling face
always, in your soul's embrace.

afterword: always remembering that all is sunyata.~~TK


  1. its a pride 2c u on my blog..i admire ur works ur style is fantastic.u r an inspirational writer for upcoming writers like us..actually iam not a poet but my love for her my dreamgirl has made me a love poet..thanks alot for ur encouraging words.waiting for more comments from a wonderful writer like u.God love u & give u all the best..

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. Love for someone special is a wonderful way to be a poet of love. I wish you every happiness in the world and truly thank you for reading my work. ~~TK