Tuesday, February 28, 2012

moments of time (new poem)

moments of time
by Tim Kavi

did you ever notice
when you really love someone
I mean really love someone
that you wanted to be with them every moment?

and it is a love so full in the moment
in those moments
yet so empty and time less
that it seems as if time stretched forever

did you ever notice how time stretches
when you're with them?
how you are creating memories of them
in moments of time

although such moments and memories as these
can never replace the person that we love
when we are apart

It is as if we remembered those moments
we created
and if we want and try real hard,
it can be as if these moments
can capture those moments
even right now

when we are most alone

you and I  are in my memory
and even if I am imperfect
because of my many failings,
and have my own self doubts,
somehow I know I have been deeply loved

if not in the sorrows of those moments passing
if not in the joys of remembering your love,
for is it not in the moments of love
that we are truly loved?

is it not, that we are?
that we have
existed in those moments

think about it
when you were feeling that love
when you felt so incredibly in the moment?

like when you held your baby son or daughter
for the very first minutes they breathed
or when you were bedside by a loved one
about to say goodbye for the last time?

those are the moments
we feel love and are loving in a way
that transcends all time...

that exists in a love that lasts forever
and never dies...

those are moments in time
rooted in the presentness of love
and shadowed and forgotten never
even in the afterlife, if it comes

I am never alone

in those moments of time
in those moments of love.


  1. you should join my poem forum and leave one of your GREAT poems because your good! plus you can put a link back to your blog too?
    All the Best Tyrone

  2. Hello Tyrone:

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. Thanks for the compliment (hope I can live up to it) :-). I will definitely check out your blog also. ~~TK