Sunday, February 19, 2012

Second Collection: 'Ascending Goddess' is Published (Blog Entry)

My second collection:  Ascending Goddess has just been published by TiLu Press.  First as a Kindle edition, but don't worry other eReader versions will follow and all my collections will become available in paperback as well. You can use the links here to order the eBook, or simply use the graphic to your left on this page which allows you to click through to the Order Page. (Remember you can download apps that will allow you to read a Kindle eBook on any kind of system that you have).

This collection is a  very strong collection that depicts an interesting journey to the Goddess. If you have been following my work you will enjoy this edition which celebrates a mountain journey to encounter the manifest Goddess.  On another level, these poems are interesting love poems which celebrate that special person in your life.  Hope you continue to enjoy my work, reading the poems and essays here in this blog as well as in my collections.  Thanks for supporting my work.~~TK

Here is the book's official description:

Ascending Goddess is a second collection of mystical love poems by Tim Kavi that celebrates the Sacred Feminine, Goddesses from mythologies past and present, and emerging goddesses everywhere. These are sacred love poems that celebrate spiritual and temporal planes of love and devotion. In this collection, celebrate the journey to the Goddess as you travel up a mountain path to fully encounter Her. Celebrate the love between you and those that are special in your life

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  1. I am very thankful for your poem's book, It is moving from your poems.--Li C.--Beijing, CN