Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valley of Moon (New Poem)

Valley of Moon
by Tim Kavi

in the valley
of moon the jade flute sings.

You are my sun at sunrise
and my ocean at the beach stretching endlessly.

I wake up and look out my window
Spring has come and I see where
your love has been
busy as everything is growing now
it has even dripped a misty rain on the lilacs
in our garden now

there is a purpose to all that is living
to appreciate the rain you brought
to give thanks for the food we had sought
for your nourishment is never empty and never brings drought.

cracked and dry earth is no longer parched
the flowers in the dirt bear pretty designs
that which ate and destroyed is kept silent and lifeless
captured and dead before your loving eyes.

So let Nature and I be dancing
let the stars swing by me
I am tapping on the Earth with lively feet
dancing in the romance of your love that reaches
so that wherever I go is never dragging
my spirit is freed in space and time
I will get there yesterday and tomorrow
for everywhere I am alive!

and lest you think I am joking
I closed my window blinds and sensing your presence had filled the room
I saw the dark place full of light
and I know now that even when you come and go
every moment I am never alone
and I am always loved, sweet valley of moon
I play the jade flute now

tomorrow I am your happy groom.

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