Saturday, April 28, 2012

Frameworks of Reason (New Poem)

Frameworks of Reason
by Tim Kavi

Shifting frames
of reference, merge
bursting paradigms
old things are called by new names

fall into the sea
Sputnik is gone
Voyager flowed past me.

Ghosts of what was
medium is the message
becomes media of vestige
sacred cows
become lint and fuzz.

Utterances full of meaning
become empty promises
threats of scheming
become Utopian visions that were dreaming

shaken to the ground
foundations become rotted
dry rot beams, splitting
rafters in some new sound

a building
habitation of that which is
forms in the mist
of truths born from
what was forgotten

old songs begotten
in new covers, pages unroll
but not on paper
tell me other ways of thinking

world was round
now is flat
uncertain ground
wallets less fat

wonder who is leading?
Who is? Chances are 'He' is
tomorrow's blood in the streets

lessons learned, you would think
but no one listens
until power is almost gone
shaken foundations

ancient libraries burned
Buddhas cast into the sea
Your ways are the only right ones?

who said? In worlds
where new flags appear
every month, while newer ones flap still
to gather tomorrow on the same hill?

Of what frameworks of reason
the blood does spill?
When the people are not consulted
and freedom is never an act of will?

So rising up they will gather
at moments when least expected
freedom comes calling, on your door knocking

You laugh at this?
Think your day is not coming?

There is only this reasoning together
though your sins be scarlet
For you robbed, and took most of what they had!

So listen, to the people
they are surely drumming
You cannot kill, imprison, or ignore them all

Your frameworks of reason
have reached their final call.

Poet's afterword: My most popular poems by blog visits have always been Poems of Protest.
This poem will be part of my forthcoming collection to be published in the Late Fall of 2012, and called fittingly, Poems of Protest. ~~TK

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