Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eyes Behind the Veil (new poem)

Eyes Behind the Veil
by Tim Kavi

In the eyes behind the veil
there is only the mystery of you
your soul dances
waits to be revealed

beholding You
your third eye darts
from face to face
we are falling to bliss

I cannot hold you
as I can barely and just now
see you, seek your kiss

I beseech you
wait for me
wait for me
so that my mortal love
may be caught
by your ongoing never ending
immortal love

for in you I am freed

and in your kiss
there is the longing
of the longtime lonely one
seeking her counterpart

the dancing free man
freed in your love
holding you
at last

we are both free
eternal flight
escapes this body's night

flying to where the soul
is not in a tent
and the face is not
behind a hidden wall

as the curtain is rent
I am in
the Holy of Holies
which is just you
and your arms

and your love

as the veil is cast off
and I see you
eye to eye

I am smelling your fragrance
it is natural
and like the wind
whispering your name

I utter as you move me
for I am colored
by your purple
pillars of smoke and fire

for your beauty is
unspeakable glory to glory
face to face
moved by your many arms
that embrace me from every place

singing rocks
cascading hills
stretch to the horizon
of greeting
tomorrow or yesterday
I look forward to

there is only You.

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