Monday, April 23, 2012

Across the Landscape of Life (New Poem)

Across the Landscape of Life
by Tim Kavi

moving across my landscape
I noticed the bone flute playing
erhu too

your flowing gown
told me you were near
your graceful moving
I could hear

but you would bring life
and eternal youth
so my song starting playing
goddess in You
I am composed
to my last breath

Yet, I am never dying
but only alive in your love.

moving across my landscape
your eternal love flows
through mountains
and valleys
of plans mislaid
but in your love
only are kingdoms made

and when the waiting mortal
sees your love coming
he makes way
he makes way!

For in the gentle rising
of your sun's appearing
history was born again
in your love endearing.

So that when I as a mortal knew
that in every wind
every rain that fell
every cave that in darkness bled
your love
was ever the Great appearing
that I waited for
never fearing!

That you would come again
they will say
this was the song of my soul
moving across landscapes
of my living.

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