Saturday, December 8, 2012

ashes beneath the boots (new poem)

ashes beneath the boots
by Tim Kavi

marching triumphant
fists in air
you take the hill
overrun the square
but in your heart
is a vacant stare

You dismember
unmoved by human

there is only
your training
reduced to a number
your uniform
makes you look like
all the rest

you think you are
so easily forgiven?
that only you will be blest?

that face shield
doesn't hide you
full metal jacket
you better carry
a long club

because someday
you will reap what you sow
brutal taskmaster

on the day
Freedom Rings
when the freed man sings
when women walk
the streets
no longer afraid

when you
and the hate of the old
ways are crumbled
stomped beneath our feet
as we peacefully walk
the freshly cleaned street

beneath my boots
I still see that You
who said I was not a person
has become all the ashes 
of a history not forgotten

while up ahead
precious souls
you once tormented
are dancing

in peace, at long last
in love with each other
and so very free.

Poet's Afterword:  another poem of protest which will be in my forthcoming collection 'Poems of Protest' by Tim Kavi. Long live freedom and love! ~~TK 

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