Thursday, July 10, 2014

Celestial Meadow (new poem)

Celestial Meadow
by Tim Kavi

gentle lands of rest
stretch across maps of peaceful
bliss of grassy green

my feet float on airy paths
of glorious silence
stretching to the horizon
sparse trees dot the place

that beckon to places
of pause and reflection
away from all the stress

away from racing thoughts
not just to survive
but to bravely exist

gentle bluebirds
of my Mother's voice
Gaia would you sing to me?
black crows wait to pick

but I know
that your beauty prevails
you will live longer
than humans have tread

oh pray
they will not kill you dead
for in your silence
they gravely mistake
you are not there

but there is only
too much noise
to hear you and be blest

but at moments like this
I only can gently walk
on the pillows
of your endowment

in the shadows of forest
and the paths of wooded trail
the stream flows nearby

into the ocean it flows
goes to the clouds
descends to the earth again
born again

to live again
and to see your glory
in forest, and stream
celestial meadows
where I see all my friends

playing again. 

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