Saturday, December 27, 2008

Love's Alchemy (New Poem)

"Love's Alchemy"

by Tim Kavi



but found


in the Tao

of their love


happy tears


love's alchemy

had turned

iron into gold

your wings flew

me home

to you

your voice

was angel song

that brought


between nations

in the night

as I held you

we were


and bare

but our love

covered us


in the

candle light

flags flew

but under

the sheets

there was only

Me and You.

Poet's brief comment: Another poem about external tensions being eased and redeemed by love. This poem is also about a moment of vulnerability and doubt in a relationship that contineus to be resolved by their deliberate turning to each other. You and Me is I and Thou.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fading of the Night (New Poem) With Poet's Afterword

"Fading of the Night"
by Tim Kavi

dancing in the firelight
flaming embers
fled in the night
chased our passions
to the grove

under the smell of
and salt air
waves crashing
at the beach

I kissed you

you kissed back
and night's black
into thin air

your love
brings the precious
where night had
always been
where I hid
of all
the things I did

yet you loved
though I am
you loved
broken in pieces

your love
brought me
from the brink

yet you did not
want to always be
the only one that saved us

so in our next kiss
it was our love
that brought us both
back from the abyss.

poet's brief afterword: a poem about the redemptive qualities of love. The word 'abyss' at the end of the poem is used in a Buberian sense. If Buber's German word was used instead, it would be his word for mismeeting: vergegnung. Consequently, it is the power of their love for each other that has brought the lovers back from a significant misunderstanding, disagreement, or falling out. Also the abyss used in an existential sense often means a significant gap between two persons, realities, or cultures, or a psychological sense of deep seprateness or separation--so that a (temporary) sense of despair might follow.--T.K.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goddess at the Park (New Poem)

"Goddess at the Park"
by Tim Kavi

kind and gentle
it adorns her
posseses her
with every ounce
of her being

she is
the kind of woman
that is so kind
she doesn't want
to hurt anyone

it is her
the world is seeing

everytime she moves
with her young
they are happy
at the love
she has brung

I watch her
moving there
at the park
and everywhere

she doesn't
know it
but I love her so

how I wish
to return her
with a love
that never ends

and to hold
her heart
beginning as the
nicest friends

that is already
our journey
to each other

I hope she sees
that I love her.

poet's afterthought: This is either a very sad poem of intense longing, or the poem of a man admiring his love from afar. Actually this poem was written after a man looked at a photograph of his love playing in the park with children. He actually saw the photo twice: once before he knew her (the perspective the poem is written from) and now reflecting back on that time, after he knows her love.--T.K.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blog Special: "Children of the Social Darwinists" (New Poem with Brief Comment)

"Children of the Social Darwinists"
by Tim Kavi

when in the summer's solace
there was little respite
from the heat
children still played
in the street

sounds of music
filled the air
as children bought
their ice creams there

jumping ropes
sliding in the pool
who will come to what?

what will they do?

some sought
their fortunes

later some will say:
what luck is this?
if it weren't
such a strange fate

I would storm
heaven's gate!

why will some
why will some
die early?
struck down
in their burley

some die in need
some are
consumed with
of their seed

some will live
even longer
because of their
and businesses
to the adroit

to exploit
the weaker

no one knows
or cared to see

are perceived weaker
on the cutting chafe
ride their rages
in obscurities

not part of the elite

although some
think they do
as long as
as their genetic
can be read

but the bonds
have been bowed
there is no

with any certainty

we all unfold
in terms of other
seeds of destiny.

Poet's Brief Comment: This poem previously unpublished, will be included in my collection City of Night (a collection of darker poems) that will be published in November of 2009. It is certainly one of my most obscure poems and hard to understand. It is a critique of genetic determinism, and states that things play out in ways that cannot be predicted based on genes alone. The 'bonds have bowed'--points to the failure of DNA to really predict anything.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Unfolding Composition (New Poem with Poet's Commentary)

Unfolding Composition
by Tim Kavi

There in the moment
such gentle composition
I am inside you
our minds touching
souls mingled
in dialectical encounter

our joint expression unfolds
like a constant river
that flows
from the mountains
to the mighty oceans

This composed life and love
is majestic and formed
by You and Me

In a journey
in a flowing
cascading revelation
of matter
and mind

two spirits
are made free
let loose from
the tombs
of suffering
existential death

until there is no dearth
no burning desire
only a birth

In our love.

Poet's Commentary: Another poem by the crazy singing poet in love. This is a melody that unfolds in the present moment on a sheet of musical composition paper stretched across a collapsing universe that expanded to the point where there was no holding back. Starting at the first stanza we see: yes it is in the Present (our only reality), we see a gentle love, yes they are 'inside' each other in every sense. There is an inside knowing each other where nothing is hidden, yes this is the promise of a new love as well as the bliss of a consummated love, and a love that is inside each other right now. Minds and souls are touching and yes it is a dialectic of two Others mingled. In the second stanza, we see they have become one as a joint expression, and are flowing through time together on a journey that flows that through Nature itself. It is a journey as natural as water going from the mountains to the sea. In this we know, Water is a source of life and nourishment, yet a mighty force that even generates power. (There is also a paradox here, as how can a changing river in flux be constant? But it is both). Nature is the channel for this love. In the third stanza, we are reminded that the life and love is a joint composition that requires two composers; You and Me. The 'You and Me' is certainly a reference to Martin Buber's philosophy as well as a reference to a specific two persons who are in love. Stanza four shows that theirs is a journey, a cascading one of both matter and mind. It is revelatory. (Mystics do not use such words lightly). It is both material and spirit (matter and mind) if we make such an artificial split, it is basically ALL. Stanza Five, we are now back to the duality of these two persons in love, as they both realize that their love has set them both free from death and suffering. Finally in the sixth stanza, we realize after the setting free there is no dearth, nothing lacking, yet even beyond desire (when the flames of passion have not so roared), there is yet a birth--with the concluding line--'in our love'. --T.K.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brief Essay: On Love and Dialogue

This is excerpted from a letter of encouragement to a woman friend...

Love in Dialogue

Whenever we think our great love doesn't understand us--we approach him again--and find that the tender heart is still there--then we know there is always a chance for dialogue.

And if a chance for dialogue exists, then there is a clear possibility that we will understand each other and adjust to each other. Then the light of love surrounds us again! Of course in that understanding, it may be just that we understand each other's view--but as my teachers taught me, we will be changed and adjust to each other very often as the result of such dialogue. -- T.K.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

At a Moroccan Wedding (New Poem) with Comment

At a Moroccan Wedding
by Tim Kavi

happy couples
inspire us all
to seize love
face love
in it be tall
and when moments
like this
reward that search
we know
we have loved
and made history

so made brave
by our love
we confidently
face life

together as
husband and wife !

Poet's Comment: This poem was written for a friend after I saw her wedding photos. I congratulate the lovely couple so full of love!