Friday, June 29, 2012

delight of the dancing dervishes (new poem)

delight of the dancing dervishes
by Tim Kavi

your words
always amazed me
but look at your moves
dancing on the distant shore

the wind
only carries your wings in the air
your poetic flight as magnificient
as any gallant bird

the hushed wind
after is only your heart spoken

manifested fana

moves men
and women alike
as we are brought
down to Earth
with a love sense
not found in flight

for your words
are both for Heaven and Earth
and always after listening
there is a call to heeding

when we dance with you
as Earth approaches
cosmic night.
"When you've the air of dervishood inside
You'll float above the world and there abide..." Rumi

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

goddess in stone body (new poem)

goddess in stone body
by Tim Kavi

I see you walking
and lanky; standing there

when I looked again
a Gestalt occurred

For I thought
I only saw
a statue bare
but heard a whispered word

starlets had it on film
but you have it all over
the world
the universe
the room

and in the Natural setting
the World is your stage
where your gowns are all the rage

and when I see you
walking down the path
I see only the living goddess
a statue walking

for Her stone images
are in your body
and your body is in her stone
as you move
I feel my heart go with You
following Her
in following You

but in the stone
is not the divinity found
but in your body
enshrined in muscle and bone

the goddess
moves and breathes
and lives
and has Her being

in you,
the Goddess of stone

has found Her body
and found her home.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

More About Goddesses: Aphrodite (Venus) the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty (Essay)

Aphrodite (Venus) the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
by Tim Kavi 

There are many stories surrounding the Goddess Aphrodite. The Olympian goddess was usually seen with the winged Eros, and was always a very beautiful woman. She was attributed with a dove, a scallop shell, an apple and a mirror. There were many sculptures and paintings of her that showed her nude.

Some legends tell of how Aphrodite came from the sea foam, which was created by the dismembered parts of Uranus that had been tossed into the sea by Kronos. Homer tells us that Aphrodite is actually born of Zeus and Dione, and later stories tell how she was Kronos’ and Euonyme’s daughter. (While Socrates reminds us in the Symposium along with many other scholars and ancients--that the reason for this--may very well be that there are really two Goddesses; dual Aphrodites--perhaps dual manifestations of Aphrodite;  the one who exemplifies the Earthy sensual down to Earth manifestations of love, and the other who celebrates the heavenly qualities of love where love is celebrated as  a cosmic union).

No matter what way she came into the world, everyone was always very struck with her beauty once they saw her, and every man desired her for his wife. She was believed to be the mother of every living being. Something of this can be seen in the contest between Typhon and the gods. Here, Aphrodite changed her form into a fish, which was thought to contain the most generative powers.

Because of her ability to excite passion in all the hearts of men and gods from the Greeks’ description of her, she used this power to rule over all of living creation. There were several stories where it says that Aphrodite punished the ones who neglected worship of her or hated the power she had, and other stories where she would protect or favor the ones who paid homage to her and got caught up in her beauty. 

This essay (along with others) is included in my latest essay collection: More About Goddesses! (which you can purchase in the left margin of this blog!)`--TK

Transit of Venus (New Poem)

Transit of Venus
by Tim Kavi

And when the moulds
the gods did pour
upon your birthing shore
they all said:
Venus Aphrodite!
Your beauty
has never been seen before.

But through all legends and time
your loving light has lit
the hearts of every woman
and desires of every man
whom your love has bit

yet, all mortals want to adore You!

and when you rode that steed
escaping to your lover's arms
you outwitted the god of light
you were faster than the Sun
coming back, escaping Apollo
to love again and again

Cupid did get a mighty shove!
(but became the eventual messenger of love)

sweet silence
in the valleys below
when all mortal men
beheld you

they were
hushed in the act of war
dumbfounded helpless planners
forgot their warlike manners
when your gown
drifted down
from the halls
of Olympus!

the warring nations stopped
to have a look.

sweet Venus Aphrodite
in you, are all that love made complete
but only beneath your loving feet! 

For vanquished love
breeds a new poem
a visit after a long journey
a piper
a song
of your mighty love!

were all reminded
in your journey
recently witnessed
the rarest sight;

the transit of Venus.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mantra, Mudra, Candle, Vow (New Poem)

Mantra, Mudra, Candle, Vow
by Tim Kavi

barely able to speak
I saw the coming of the light
It came through my windows
in the unconscious night

Speaking your Holy Name
you arose like the sweet mist
and dropped like cleansing rain
in your power, I am not the same

Shakti saving grace
orders and destroys all the same
until all is forgotten
no more blame
collapsing in sweet refrain
unendable expanding space

In mantra I speak your holy name

as if under great cold
the heat of your love reached
from the furthest places
I thought you were removed
until in gentle assurances
I saw you teach me
the Ways of your graceful love

just a wave of your hand
laying on of hands
It was You healing the lost
the sick, dying embers
of once what was a living soul
made whole; lives again

my taught hands by you
move in the mudra
of your graceful appearing
in the school of love

they wave in your light
burning candles all through the night
tended by those that seek you
your flames never go out

shadows dancing on the walls
flickering across the street
across my mind
then the universe bends to the images
that travel throughout
instantaneously faster than the light
of your candles burning
in the great hall

they are slow
but You are not
You are everywhere at once
walking through walls

on bended knees
prostrated before your ordaining
there is only the calls
to answer to the vow
I just made.

Monday, June 18, 2012

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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Burning Word (New Poem)

The Burning Word
by Tim Kavi

when in my innocence
I lingered at your feet
sought your face
that was covered still
at the shame you saw in the world

Oh, crying Mother
you weep for your children
I saw your tears drop to the Earth
it waters the dry lands of many
men's hearts

while their weapons of war
they make
they know not you wait
for their turning to a better way
but will it come in time?

Your tears fall
and I know you long to gather them
but they will not

Crying in the wilderness
my tears run after yours
I am but a man who needs
your love's redemption
to tell his true story
is to utter the burning word

I want to lift my voice
and yell
at the outrage of your tears
I want to say O Mother
fill my mouth
with your words
may they cut down this hell

I want to stay here
and just be held from you
but you are telling me
no, calling me
gently prodding me
to tell all that live
in this special place

to turn to the Other
the transcendent
the Divine You
and to know the ways

the ways of love
the paths of certain forgiveness
and the joys of communion

and I must go back
from the mountain of meeting
with you

and learn
for You are written
on every compassionate woman's face
who walks in grace
who is also redeemed by your
very Nature

in all the villages
and hamlets
in all the slums
in all the towns
and the urban pathos
of sought for meaning
in the stinking greed
and corruption
that takes from the poor
their sustainance

your waiting Arms reach for!

may we listen to you
walk with each other
and love and be loved
before it is too late.