Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Table at the Mountain (New Poem)

Table at the Mountain
by Tim Kavi

Lo, I hear the inward light
of your voice whispering in the wind
it illuminates my darkened
and decayed soul
that I thought was near death
and beyond redemption

your love found me
you breathed your breath
into me
and my bones lived!

I stand at the bottom of the mountain
No way to climb fast
the naysayers and mockers
all make sport of my prayers
their ref'use and stinking ways
are offenses to your seeking heart

I know you love me
although I do not deserve it
I call to you
and your singing voice falls from heaven

Is that Olympus, or Kailash, or Horeb
or even Sinai?
where you burned my lips
with the hot coals
and some thought you wore a male guise?

you slipped between the rocks
and lived at the top
waiting with patience
help me come to you dear

I hear
you have prepared a table
on the rocks of the summit

in your heavenly eyes
and your wonderful ever loving heart

you loved me
restored me
and brought peace to my crying heart.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waiting for Your Appearing (New Poem)

Waiting For Your Appearing
by Tim Kavi

faraway lands you stepped on
traveled across seas
landscapes you danced like the gazelle,
and your footsteps are approaching
the sounds of your coming filled the hall

anticipating your return
all the world stood waiting

dont be caught sleeping the gatekeeper said
Her guardians will leave you dead!

I prayed your garments would not be those worn in war
I know you carried heads on your belt
I don't want to be another notch in your conquest
through war

but I only call to you in love
speak soft words to your gentle wind
kissing you only with permission
and only whenyou want it, then too much

for my devotion to you is not wanting
no mystery is there
see these poems I write?
I cannot stop

seeking you
staring at the path
walking it but without you
I dare not

spare me is ever a persistent thought!

for history keeps unfolding
in new patterns of meaning
drunken men are scheming your demise
drunk with power and blood
and greed

they see you not
black night -- Kalaratri
when you come in dark surprise
your armies are swifter than they

but today you return in your greatness
I stay off in the corner
with my head bowed and praying

I seek forgiveness and redemption
please, I am just saying
remember me in love
forgiveness and peaceful reassuring

gentle mother Goddess
I await your peaceful appearing
redeemed in your love.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love is Far Apart (New Poem)

Love is Far Apart
by Tim Kavi

I love you dear one
hold me in your heart and arms there tonight
I live in your dreams
Yet kiss you with a true kiss

broken and splintered
the shrines seem abandoned
at the top of the hill
but I am running
as my strongest act of will

seeking you
I fall on my face many times
you always pick me up with your grace
In your shining eyes
are the light of ten thousand

I call you by name
among the many; there is only the one
You do not answer me

But I know you will
I feel your love's embracing
Across time's burning sands
my bare feet race
to desert places
mountain tops with burning fire

Shadows dancing
Your Voices
and many arms of compassion, just are
Chastening my hurried love
to wait for a stronger surety still
When I see you then I will know
there was never any hurriedness
to Your love

For love is
sometimes far apart.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moonlight Reflection and Blues (New Poem)

Moonlight Reflection and Blues
by Tim Kavi

chiseled in white, Your
silhouetted body glimmers
in moonlight
hues of blue against the
backdrop of darkening night

sighs escape the moon's lips
for You are awesome
in Diana's sight

dancing stardust is in your hair
standing near You are framed
in beauty, where even robed,
Rodin stops to stare

I dare not breathe, wondering if
I will awaken, to find
You are not there

my eyes struggle to focus
to make coherence in the bending
twisted destiny, chiseled in night,
I feel your warm body next to me

blue event horizon
in the sheets of our bed
canyons and furrows lead to
Your vastness
where a Goddess is born

for You are a beautiful sight.

Monday, May 14, 2012

More About Goddesses: Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War (Essay)

Athena – Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War 
by Tim Kavi

The Greek goddess Athena, often portrayed as full of mercy, strong, and fair, skill and endeavor,  is also considered the goddess of heroes and the heroic journey.  Also viewed as a representative of Divine Intelligence, and as a goddess of warfare, she was considered the patron goddess of Athens.  According to legend, she had quite an unusual birth. Her father, Zeus, ate his first wife, Metis, because he feared when she became pregnant that she had in her womb the son that was prophesied to usurp him of his own throne. This caused him a great headache, worse than any other, and to be rid of it he let another god open up his head. At this moment, it is said that Athena sprang forth from the forehead of Zeus and she was fully clothed in the attire of war.

So, it was not the son he feared that came out – rather his beautiful, full grown daughter Athena, already dressed in full golden body armor that was “born”. Athena became Zeus’ favorite child, motherless as she was. She was the only one that he told his secret of where to find his lightning bolts, plus she was trusted to guard his magic shield.

Generally, Athena is seen with a spear in her hand, and her helmet of gold tipped to show her beauty. Although she was dressed for battle, she was much more known for her job as diplomat, judge and mediator. People knew her for her fair and compassionate decisions. Stories also tell of how she helped many other gods, goddesses and heroes out when they were faced with a great problem that seemed impossible.

She was probably the start to the first independent woman. Referred to as a virgin, she was not swayed by Aphrodite, and she stayed independent of all of the responsibilities of marriage and being a mother. You did not hear of romance or marriage in Athena’s story.

In Roman mythology, she is known as Minerva, and according to Plato she is also prefigured by the Egyptian goddess, Neith.

Poet's Note:  Later, this post was reprinted as a Foreword in a 2013 edition of 'Athena Queen of the Air' by John Ruskin.  The book has much more additional material about the Goddess Athena. I hope that readers of both resources--don't mind that this entry remains here on my blog. You can get the Kindle eBook: 'Athena: Queen of the Air' by clicking here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Healing Rain (New Poem)

Healing Rain
by Tim Kavi

gentle woman
I see you sleeping
see you twist there
for you awaken many times
writhing in pain

your scars
are kissed by me every day
and your aches soothed
by my love

yet I line up your medicines
hold your hand gently
help your labored breaths
inject your pain meds

apply a wet rag to your hurting face

I pray and pray
and love you so deeply
as we sing together softly
and hold each other in love

I feel the teardrops falling
and I see they
have become a healing rain.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Puny" Human Existence (New Poem)

"Puny" Human Existence
by Tim Kavi

the puniness
of our existence
in the vastness
of the universe

filled with
such arrogance
and self importance

it is no wonder
that ego is the source
of conflicts
internal and external
that leaves fleeting
moments of conclusion
that seem like comforts

but in our "puny" efforts
to love
and to heal
truly great things
get done

and in our search
for transcendence
is the humbling
journey of the soul
to new paths
of being

to new planes
of existence
to enlightenment
and beyond

and why is it that
it is only the dancing souls
that try to restore order
bring chaos
and are hated so badly
because they loved so?

we are not just
DNA programmed souls
that happen to think

but are beings
on the transcendent way
to meaning
and love

remember this
that in that is the kiss
of what some
call the Void

the freedom to be
is what beckons
and the freedom to be left alone
and exist in the face of it
comes at great price

for in love
there is never alone
but only the giving up of self
in selfless love

to be moved
by compassion
introverted will
is not the struggle of the weak
but those trodding the upward hill
the narrow ridge
between Self and Other

that once remarked
you are not my brother!

and once languished
in the crying sea

there is only that unknowing
which shall become
the surety of all that is.

Friday, May 4, 2012

History (New Poem)

by Tim Kavi

oceans of blue green
Quantum waves collapsed
Schrodinger's cat died in the box
harbingers of doubt
in the flavored purpose

black and brown
are the eyes of You
lips full and parted
gentle breaths resting
escape the sleeping You

In the face of marching
defiant of time
empires go to sand
while we have kisses in the dark
sweet love's embrace
are our telling of secrets
all over the place

Finally, no more hidden hearts
all is known, uncovered and true
Revealed Goddess
patriarchy is doomed
with You fully in view

no reason for mystery
this is the neverending recurring tale
simple and complex
the untwisting dialectic of reason
because You are history.