Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Puny" Human Existence (New Poem)

"Puny" Human Existence
by Tim Kavi

the puniness
of our existence
in the vastness
of the universe

filled with
such arrogance
and self importance

it is no wonder
that ego is the source
of conflicts
internal and external
that leaves fleeting
moments of conclusion
that seem like comforts

but in our "puny" efforts
to love
and to heal
truly great things
get done

and in our search
for transcendence
is the humbling
journey of the soul
to new paths
of being

to new planes
of existence
to enlightenment
and beyond

and why is it that
it is only the dancing souls
that try to restore order
bring chaos
and are hated so badly
because they loved so?

we are not just
DNA programmed souls
that happen to think

but are beings
on the transcendent way
to meaning
and love

remember this
that in that is the kiss
of what some
call the Void

the freedom to be
is what beckons
and the freedom to be left alone
and exist in the face of it
comes at great price

for in love
there is never alone
but only the giving up of self
in selfless love

to be moved
by compassion
introverted will
is not the struggle of the weak
but those trodding the upward hill
the narrow ridge
between Self and Other

that once remarked
you are not my brother!

and once languished
in the crying sea

there is only that unknowing
which shall become
the surety of all that is.

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