Thursday, May 10, 2012

Healing Rain (New Poem)

Healing Rain
by Tim Kavi

gentle woman
I see you sleeping
see you twist there
for you awaken many times
writhing in pain

your scars
are kissed by me every day
and your aches soothed
by my love

yet I line up your medicines
hold your hand gently
help your labored breaths
inject your pain meds

apply a wet rag to your hurting face

I pray and pray
and love you so deeply
as we sing together softly
and hold each other in love

I feel the teardrops falling
and I see they
have become a healing rain.


  1. Mr. Kavi, this is beautiful! I was moved quite deeply. thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, NamaCathy! Your comment is much appreciated. You can imagine then, why when somebody loves someone and they are suffering, they would go anywhere in the world, give up anything, to be with them, and help them? That is what this poem is about. And yes, people do this everyday. There are even those in every hospital that not out of love, but out of duty, care; and help to heal. But to love and to care, is a great human achievement! And I am in the school on Earth as much as anyone, but we must be open to the suffering, for it's all around us. :-) Saludos! Thanks for stopping by!~~TK