Friday, May 28, 2010

About my Poems: Tense, Familiarity, and I-You Style (Essay)

Dear Readers:

Sometimes people are not sure what to make of my poetic works because of the personal first person tense, the familiar tone, and the style I sometimes write them in.

For example, I often write poems in a narrative first person style, as if speaking to another person or observing the beloved. In a sense they are rightfully an 'utterance'. Sometimes the poems are about a true spiritual Goddess (in my poetry when I use the term "Goddess" with a capital 'G" I am referring to some archetypal spiritual Goddess manifestation, and when I use the term 'goddess' with a small 'g" I am referring to a mortal woman, a specific woman I have encountered, as a local manifestation of Goddess). Equally my poems might be about the anima (Carl Jung's sense of such), or adoration to some feminine form expressed and seen in the world of this poet.

Because I Have studied so much about dialogue and Martin Buber's I and Thou world of the 'between' (the intersubjective ), my poems are often written in an I and You style.

Again, this is for two reasons--because I believe there in that between, is where reality and mind is framed, and again, because I hope people can read them out loud to someone they love. Reading them aloud as I wrote them, with even the short lines, (yes one word lines) I have drafted them in, as pauses, is the way I intended them to be read.

Hence the 'you' in the poem is not a personal address of you from me unless you understood my work and it has been presented to you formerly in a private manner.--T.K.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Windy Eyes of Jade Sapphire (poem)

Windy Eyes of Jade Sapphire
by Tim Kavi

my love
has windy eyes
that tell me
a story

that move me
and breath on me
they are windy eyes
of jade sapphire

so pretty
are they

sweet tears of love
flow from me
in her sweet
love surprise

there is never
a dark disguise
only the
Windy Eyes
of Jade Sapphire

she is my
loving purring
Tiger Tiger
burning bright

even in the
dying sunlight
her Windy Eyes
light up our bed
at night

she is precious
her coat sheen
and her love
is a great between

my sweet
love's eyes
tell me so much
than I've
ever seen

I cannot speak
only love
all time

my Windy Eyes
Jade Sapphire.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kisses at the Beach (poem)

Kisses at the Beach
by Tim Kavi

bring promises
spoken in whispers
that become a mighty yell
of a love
that stretches across heavens
where even goddesses
are taught
by our love
until at least
sprinkling sands
on beaches
across the world
tell of eternal love
across time
is hurled
by mighty waves
of quantum
there is a love
forever left
in the sun
of wave's breach
our love
has hit the beach.

China in Spring (poem)

China in Spring
by Tim Kavi

China in spring
little bird's mother
did sing
calling her young
under her wing
both smiling
in the nest
baby birdling
runs to the one
she loves the best
until tiny head
tucked in feathers
she went to bed
that's my baby
her mother said.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Captured (new Poem)

by Tim Kavi

there is a sweet
in a mirror

of goddesses
always shine

sweet aura
of heart
romantic spirit

she can be
loved for her mind
and never
it seems
a man
should be behind

but gently
leading her
to a love sublime

for she
cannot be
but set free
already divine

his is the
he must be

for all
this of her
is fine

so burning
the yearning is

by love's design.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Many Homes of Love (poem)

Many Homes of Love
by Tim Kavi

although some have said
it is hard to contain it
know it or show it
the human heart
beats and lives
in the light of love
it gives

into our joint heart
are the many
homes of love
many loves
live there
breathe there
every day
a new one

For this
my love
I say
a kiss

thank you
I love you

For you know
we have built
it so carefully

laid a strong
brave and sure
standing high
in our love
so pure

built the path
to the door
of each room
I find you
as a candle
with sweet perfume

from outside
each window
lit by a love
deep within

let us gather
in the living room
where our love
does begin

let us retire
to the bedroom
where in it
we rest and love

hand in hand
we walk through
all the happy

each day
in the many homes
of love.

Monday, May 10, 2010

fortress of your love (poem)

fortress of your love
by Tim Kavi

fleeing waves
splash our love
all over
distant shore

your sweet calling
to me
is a love I have
felt before

your love
shown to me
makes me
want more

your sweet smile
lit by your
beautiful eyes
makes me
the joys
I have in store

when I first
saw your face
it was love
at first grace

and in the
of your love
there is
a safe
hiding place

away from all

that troubles
and some fear

I have found
in your love
a fortress dear!