Monday, October 31, 2011

siLenT goDDess (new poem)

siLenT goDDess
by Tim Kavi

I realize now
why you do not
make loud boasts
or talk too much

when you do
all the birds
hush up

the winds
stand still
babies stop crying
silent whippoorwill

across dreamy
nightscapes no longer
keep their songs
redemption of the seamy
those corrected wrongs

the priests
listen in quiet prayer
just to hear
your sweet voice
quaking in fear
not peeking not a dare

at your displeasure
but not afraid
you are my sacred
a pretty goddess
standing over there
not speaking
but power is long

in your fixed stare.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

soft eyes (new poem)

soft eyes
by Tim Kavi

soft eyes
your sweet lingering
are soothing
paths to
a great everlasting

that breathes

your confident speech
fills my universe
with warm sighs

and in the blanket covering both of us
there is no disguise

of your sweet
soft eyes

and in the cosmic replies
there is always
the music
of a thousand
seeking searching
ways to see
and to know love

if one just looks
if one just is
and dares to let
her light shine

there is beaming
truth so wise

always behind
those beautiful
soft eyes.

Poet's Suggestion: If you liked this poem, there is another poem on this blog, just about a woman's eyes. Click Here.   Afterword:  This poem is about a shy woman (stanza 7) hence the tentative photo, but still the endearing soft eyes.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lu Xun Park (blog entry)

Lu Xun Park

Yesterday was the Chinese Holiday, Founder's Day. I spent the day at Lu Xun park in Shanghai. It was raining slightly part of the day, but it did not dampen spirits. Everywhere there was young and old strolling, singing, dancing, playing badminton, playing Chinese ancient musical instruments, or just chatting at the park.

The park is a memorial that commemorates the work of the great Chinese writer, Lu Xun. Lu Xun's important work moved Chinese literature from the time of imperialism to the birth of a new society.

The park includes the actual house where he lived, and has been preserved pretty much exactly as he left it when he passed away. Being at the park and reflecting upon this famous writer's life and work was very inspirational.
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Last year, Penguin Classics published a special edition of Lu Xun's writing. Time magazine called it the most important Penguin Classic ever published. You can get it from Amazon in paper form or for your Kindle. Here's the link at Amazon.