Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unstoppable Kisses (poem)

Unstoppable Kisses
by Tim Kavi

when I first see you
my heart
cannot believe

it is seeing

kisses unstoppable

hearts beating as one
until unmovable
we are one

many kisses
reflected in our light

as we hold each other
in the starlight
of the cosmology
of our love

it is a kissing universe
a universe filled with love

until you are laughing
loving all night,

and holding each other
we birthed a sun
in the dawning light.

Monday, September 6, 2010

the morphing (poem)

the morphing
by Tim Kavi

changeling of the true

(YOU are other
different than what I thought
with even greater beauty
that you yourself has brought).

human potential
the previous ways
made rent

every soul transcending

there is a churning
destruction falls into the sand
erodes into the sea

previous selves
become forgotten selves
or instruments of
lessons divine
in some eternal shrine
and design

until there
is an emerging
from the fiery ovens
and ash

She stands
girded in the new
emerging in my soul
anima and goddess

I see you morphing
into every Goddess
a thousand times
a thousand times
from the moment
of creation
to ultimate development
I see her inside you
and she is You

standing there
looking back
through your eyes
companion and mother
and ultimately, wife

(YOU are other
different than what I thought
with even greater beauty
that you yourself has brought).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goddess Garden (Poem)

Goddess Garden
by Tim Kavi

pushing upwards
breaking through
it feels like your love
is already here

you are near
there is no fear

feels like
I am a plant in your garden

at night you rain on me
daytimes you sun
then you gently touch me
making sure my roots in you
are deep

for you are my Earth
I am rooted in You
tied around your energy
feel your love's belly
and washed in the birth
of your kiss

your greatness
reaches across the sea
I feel your presence
where you walk
a lotus grows

your form
is the most beautiful
where all things grow
in your love
your tiny children

know this too

so they like to play with you
in your Goddess garden.