Saturday, April 28, 2012

Frameworks of Reason (New Poem)

Frameworks of Reason
by Tim Kavi

Shifting frames
of reference, merge
bursting paradigms
old things are called by new names

fall into the sea
Sputnik is gone
Voyager flowed past me.

Ghosts of what was
medium is the message
becomes media of vestige
sacred cows
become lint and fuzz.

Utterances full of meaning
become empty promises
threats of scheming
become Utopian visions that were dreaming

shaken to the ground
foundations become rotted
dry rot beams, splitting
rafters in some new sound

a building
habitation of that which is
forms in the mist
of truths born from
what was forgotten

old songs begotten
in new covers, pages unroll
but not on paper
tell me other ways of thinking

world was round
now is flat
uncertain ground
wallets less fat

wonder who is leading?
Who is? Chances are 'He' is
tomorrow's blood in the streets

lessons learned, you would think
but no one listens
until power is almost gone
shaken foundations

ancient libraries burned
Buddhas cast into the sea
Your ways are the only right ones?

who said? In worlds
where new flags appear
every month, while newer ones flap still
to gather tomorrow on the same hill?

Of what frameworks of reason
the blood does spill?
When the people are not consulted
and freedom is never an act of will?

So rising up they will gather
at moments when least expected
freedom comes calling, on your door knocking

You laugh at this?
Think your day is not coming?

There is only this reasoning together
though your sins be scarlet
For you robbed, and took most of what they had!

So listen, to the people
they are surely drumming
You cannot kill, imprison, or ignore them all

Your frameworks of reason
have reached their final call.

Poet's afterword: My most popular poems by blog visits have always been Poems of Protest.
This poem will be part of my forthcoming collection to be published in the Late Fall of 2012, and called fittingly, Poems of Protest. ~~TK

Monday, April 23, 2012

Across the Landscape of Life (New Poem)

Across the Landscape of Life
by Tim Kavi

moving across my landscape
I noticed the bone flute playing
erhu too

your flowing gown
told me you were near
your graceful moving
I could hear

but you would bring life
and eternal youth
so my song starting playing
goddess in You
I am composed
to my last breath

Yet, I am never dying
but only alive in your love.

moving across my landscape
your eternal love flows
through mountains
and valleys
of plans mislaid
but in your love
only are kingdoms made

and when the waiting mortal
sees your love coming
he makes way
he makes way!

For in the gentle rising
of your sun's appearing
history was born again
in your love endearing.

So that when I as a mortal knew
that in every wind
every rain that fell
every cave that in darkness bled
your love
was ever the Great appearing
that I waited for
never fearing!

That you would come again
they will say
this was the song of my soul
moving across landscapes
of my living.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eyes Behind the Veil (new poem)

Eyes Behind the Veil
by Tim Kavi

In the eyes behind the veil
there is only the mystery of you
your soul dances
waits to be revealed

beholding You
your third eye darts
from face to face
we are falling to bliss

I cannot hold you
as I can barely and just now
see you, seek your kiss

I beseech you
wait for me
wait for me
so that my mortal love
may be caught
by your ongoing never ending
immortal love

for in you I am freed

and in your kiss
there is the longing
of the longtime lonely one
seeking her counterpart

the dancing free man
freed in your love
holding you
at last

we are both free
eternal flight
escapes this body's night

flying to where the soul
is not in a tent
and the face is not
behind a hidden wall

as the curtain is rent
I am in
the Holy of Holies
which is just you
and your arms

and your love

as the veil is cast off
and I see you
eye to eye

I am smelling your fragrance
it is natural
and like the wind
whispering your name

I utter as you move me
for I am colored
by your purple
pillars of smoke and fire

for your beauty is
unspeakable glory to glory
face to face
moved by your many arms
that embrace me from every place

singing rocks
cascading hills
stretch to the horizon
of greeting
tomorrow or yesterday
I look forward to

there is only You.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More About Goddesses: Parvati, Goddess of Love and Devotion (Essay)

Parvati, Goddess of Love and Devotion
by Tim Kavi

Also known as the daughter of the mountain, the goddess Parvati’s story might indeed be one of the most interesting of goddesses. She was born out of need as the gods need the assistance of the God Shiva. Shiva, however, had holed himself up in a mountain cave of the Himalayas, doing nothing but meditating and performing tapas to mourn the loss of his first love. His heat and energy grew and grew, and he became full of knowledge.

So the goddess Shakti went into his cave, some stories say appearing as a serpent and coiled herself around Shiva to draw out his energy and power so he would father a child, as the gods knew that only a child born of Shiva would be powerful enough to help them. Shakti than birthed herself into the goddess Parvati and her main goal was to win Shiva’s affections.

Even as a child she was deeply in love with him and went to his cave every day to sweep and decorate it with flowers. Shiva, however, never once noticed her, and could not be brought out of his mediations. So she invoked the help of Priti and Rati, who changed the cave into a thing of beauty, and then brought the lord of desire, Kama, to Shiva, but Shiva destroyed him by shooting flames from his third eye.

Having lost the lord of desire, the gods were hopeless of what to do with Shiva. Parvati then took off to go to the woods with nothing, not even clothing, to meditate and learn tapas, until her strength grew to that of Shiva’s and he took notice of her finally and took her as his wife, which also restored Kama back to life.

Other Tim Kavi Content About Parvati: Parvati is mentioned on my blog in at least two additional places. In my poem: Goddess of the Lake and another 'More About Goddesses' Column about Durga Mahadevi .  Enjoy! ~~TK

Saturday, April 14, 2012

your beauty (new poem)

your beauty
by Tim Kavi

I saw you at the museum
in the ruins of Athens
at the park the other day
and I saw you in the flowers just opened

all around
I saw your beauty
it is like the dancing goddess of spring
that brings life

and like the harvest
reaping in Autumn
you know
what tomorrow your love will bring

all is new
renewed and covered in your Earth

great is your faithfulness
great is your love
my words are just markings of love
where I am a tool in your hands

tending to wherever your love grows
born things
are everywhere

stretched across the membranes of time
ready to burst
the underlying true Universe
is foreshadowed
and longs to be born

waiting for your spoken words of love
and everywhere uttering your Name
there is only the appearing
of all that is You
in love
in resurrection
in beauty.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Called Out (To Be a Friend) (New Poem)

Called Out (To Be a Friend)
by Tim Kavi

you are the breeze to my thirsty spirit,
my soul in a time of chaos and world mistrust,
my center in atrophy
You quiet my storms at night.

in the soul of friendship
I say Thou to you
and in the liberating dancing spirit of love
I dance with you on the clouds of love.

together we paint pictures of love
sing songs of freedom's acceptance
Yes, for we accept each other as who we truly are.

In the loving arms of two souls
that call each other deepest friends
there is both a seeking
for each other's face again
and a finding in the joyful reunions
of touching each other's lives

and in that bond
there is the bond of spirit to spirit
I am called to love
I am called out to utter abandon
even on the narrow ridge.

with you

there is the call to dialogue
and the inescapable joyful capacity to love
there is only the acceptance
of whoever You are.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tim Kavi's Latest Collection Published

My newest Poetry Collection was just published by TiLu Press.  Lost Love Poems is published first as a Kindle and Kindle Apps edition.  Other editions and formats will follow (including paper).

Description: Dedicated to anyone who has ever experienced lost or unreturned love, Lost Love Poems is an inspiring collection. By honoring lost loves as valuable loves in their own right, this collection can help you understand the power of love, view past loves as inspiration, and encourage you to open yourself to love again when you are ready. Lost Love Poems not only speaks to the sorrows and pains of loss, it also tells readers that if they have ever loved so deeply, they must possess a great capacity to love again.

The Amazon Link:  Click Here for Tim Kavi's Latest Book:

Thanks for supporting my work and vision.  ~~TK

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bridges of Home (New Poem)

bridges of home
by Tim Kavi

girders of strength
bring relief to the searching
absent loved ones
want to hurry home

familiar, looking closer
the beams are still strong
every lane leads home
peering closer
decay is evident everywhere

collapse is not imminent
just the wearings of age

home never looked so good
and I will take every bridge gladly
just to be back there
in your arms again

they carry me to all 
that I loved and once knew
to the known, the expected,
the life of everyday surprise.