Friday, March 22, 2013

Athena's Laurel Calls My Journeyed Soul (New Poem)

Athena's Laurel Calls My Journeyed Soul
by Tim Kavi

oh I didn't know you were close to me
I thought it was just the stardust
or the whispering sea
I can see you still talk to me

across the history
glimpsing you
I thought I saw
a memory

there is only
the laurel leaves
scattered by the wind
where Owl watches over me

that is where the gentle
sounds of our love misgiven
led to bad steps
and misplaced heaven
the day the winged bird
took you away from me

I began the mountainous climb
a journey to the sacred heart
longing left me famished
my song carried no more rhyme

spirits were broken
the people were wandering
in the valley below
the shepherds were themselves lost
the leaders blinded by the dark
and the prisoners remained chained
against the rock

only the annointed ones
dare come up here
olive oil burns not only the lamp
but annoints my forehead

I cry out like a madman
there is no one to hear me
it echoes against the rocks
where lumber is free
from too many shipwrecks
skeletal hands clutching for
your Grecian shore

I try to find you
but in the darkness
you are not found anymore

what greatness is this?
your temples once majestic
lined a path upwards
up high to a cloudy
celestial throne
where once you blew me a kiss!

How did I know that kiss
was a good bye kiss
to me and the world?

now there is only ruin
return to Your Greatness
perhaps men will yet invoke
your name
rebuilding temples won't be the same

but there is still power
in the virtues
of your name

oh a calling
a certain shrill
breaks the night
and my stubborn will

I will climb up higher
I will look for you
and I will kiss you again
and again

can you imagine
how much I missed you?
your glory as a woman
is everywhere
yet the priests stop and stare
but in your Goddess face
is only the visitations
of everlasting grace

your look is on them too
that woman just killed
the male shame
of violence
makes me want to jump
off this hill

hear the words
priests too
the hour is late
there is much to do
respect Athena
and all her sisters
or tales of woe
will never be few

I will burn my skin
and twist my robe
pluck hairs from my head
pray pray pray
until the truth be said

stop my sisters'
blood running red!
Athena has now said!

so here I sit all night
your tears watered
pools at my feet
I can only bow my head and worship
Goddess come back
we are so sorry that some have hurt you

wear your laurel wreath again
entreaty forgive our sin
you think you bad ones can easily make right
but your weapons
and hate
and violence
must go away...

for Athena comes
in sacred flight.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Publication News: Ascending Goddess Goes Even More International; Spain Bookseller Casa Del Libro Recognizes the Book's Feminist Message

Ascending Goddess is going more and more international with even more booksellers picking it up in Europe, Germany, Japan, Spain, Canada and the UK! For example, in Spain, Ascending Goddess by Tim Kavi and TiLu Press are deeply honored that the title is being packaged with Jean Shinoda-Bolen's Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World as a joint purchase. Author Tim Kavi was strongly influenced by Dr. Shinoda-Bolen's books and message, especially Goddesses in Every Woman, and his own teacher's book The Goddess by Dr. Christine Downing. While we are very honored that booksellers are seeing the connection between Ascending Goddess and other works that emphasize the Sacred Feminine and the need for the empowerment of women; we are also humbled by the sacred responsibility of sharing the message that there is a better way for the world than unbridled male aggression. Mistreatment of women must stop and respect for the leadership and compassion of women must be honored. (Note this is not to imply any endorsement by the aforementioned authors for Ascending Goddess, merely that Tim Kavi is humbly honored by the recognition).--From TiLu Press, Tim Kavi's Publisher

Saturday, March 16, 2013

More About Goddesses: Bast (Bastet)

More about Goddesses: The Egyptian Goddess Bast 
by Tim Kavi

Bast is an influential goddess in Egyptian mythology, representing sensual pleasure. Bast also acts as the guardian saint of firefighters, protector of the household and a bringer of wealth. Bast may also be known as Basthet or Bastet and is widely represented as the cat goddess. Due to her role in protecting Ra, her father, from his enemies, she has also taken on the role of the All-Seeing Eye. This is occasionally represented as the Goddess of the Rising Sun or Lady of the East.

Bast is one of the most ancient goddesses, she is depicted in many versions of Egyptian art. She is frequently depicted as a beautiful, slender woman with the head of a cat. The grounds of her temple hold a large cat cemetery where her companions could be mummified or entombed to join her in the spirit world. Cats are frequently honored at her temple, many taking up permanent residence. These cats were known to run into local homes when they caught fire, leading the residents to safety, which led to Bast’s association with fire-fighting and protection of the home. Some say that cats that lost their lives in this undertaking could be brought back to life by Bast’s power, which may be the source of the belief that cats have multiple lives.

During the day, Ra would fly through the sky, using his boat to pull the sun through the sky. When darkness falls Bast transforms into a cat, taking advantage of the creature’s superior night vision to watch for Apep, a serpent that acts as Ra’s greatest enemy. Legend has it that Bast was able to kill the serpent when the priests of Ra failed to hex him with the sacred wax models. Due to this dual nature of her story, Bast is one of few sun goddesses that is also known as a moon goddess. Her sacred all-seeing eye reflects the light of the moon, protecting her followers from enemies in the darkness.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Love Singers (New Poem)

Love Singers

by Tim Kavi

your songs fill the air
with wonderful
feelings never felt

no, not anywhere

except in Heaven
where your choirs
admiring the sounds
escaping your lips

beautiful wafting
currents of melody
exalt the spirits
lifting up blissful
moments there

and love
dancing in firelight
reflections of moon
on the beach
where flames of love
light up the night

eyes of lovers

graceful steps
on the ballroom floor

majestic fountains
of forever youth
whenever our special songs
fill the air

fluttering rosy airships
sweet words of love

bring me home
on their wings to you

sweet calls of love
guide me home
even when the darkness
shuts out the heart

I grope
to find my way
but in the distance
the love songs
guide me back
to the wonders of love

somehow love singers
reach through darkest night
bringing hope
in their golden
notes of soothing
white light

for there
in the lingering notes
I come to you

where in the sweet
sounds of your soul
I am warmed
and never alone.

Poet's Afterword:  Music as sure as anything is a sweet sound of love.  And in no other art form has more been written and sung about regarding all the glories and even the pitfalls of love.  I have selected some of my favorite love songs on a playlist that you can sample at Youtube just by clicking this link . Hope you enjoyed this poem and the playlist collection of some of my favorite love songs.~~TK